Life of a Property Agent in Singapore

Shawn Sum

Life of a Property Agent in Singapore

I was serving a client a year ago and she was actually in the market for a property to invest in. Long story short, we visited a few showflats and resale units.  She did not commit to a purchase and eventually decided to delay it for the time being. Her reason was quite long, hence to make it easier, i listed them out in point form.

  1. Felt that prices will drop further.
  2. Government will reduce the ABSD, i don’t want to be short changed.
  3. I can wait, don’t think that unit will be off the shelf so soon

While some agents would feel that the buyer is actually taking me for a ride and had no intentions to purchase in the first place. I still believe that i have a duty to perform. Nonetheless, i carried on to advise her based on the reasons she had given and even counter them to prove that she might be wrong.  She was still firm on her stand and i decided not to push further. To value add, i promised to update her from time to time on latest property changes.

Fast forward to now.

  1. Majority of the new launches carried out a few rounds of price increase,  en-bloc fever, developers bidding for lands at higher prices.
  2. Government did not reduce ABSD, in fact shorten SSD.
  3. Her shortlisted unit got taken the next day…

I rest my case…

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